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    Her husband died early due to an accident, and her lustful sister-in-law Kawakita was invited by her brother and his wife to live together. Because she hadn't had sex for a long time, she often had sexual desires that forced her to frequently masturbate. Especially, this desire became even more terrible one time when she happened to see her husband and her husband. younger siblings are making love to each other. Since then, she has cherished her own wishes and plans to satisfy her own needs. That was the day she wore a very sexy outfit to practice yoga at home. Seeing that her younger brother had just come home from work, she continuously practiced other provocative and sexual movements. Although in front of his sister-in-law's seductive body, he tried his best to restrain himself, but she became bolder, rushed to press him down and began to fulfill his long-standing wish. After that time, both of them gradually developed feelings, their level of sneakiness increased significantly and they were no longer shy, just suffering for the poor sister being cuckolded by her lewd husband and sister.