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    Yu and Haneda are colleagues, both of whom are secretly having an affair with each other. Because they are married, the two cannot spend much time together. Because they really wanted to be together, to fuck each other from morning to night, Yu and Haneda decided to lie to their families on a business trip. A few months later, the day of the two people's pre-arranged "business trip" arrived. The two went to a hot spring hotel and madly made love to each other. Haneda felt that Yu's sexual desire was greater than usual. It turns out that because of work, her husband had to move to Fukuoka, and she also had to follow him, so they would both have to be separated for a while. Knowing this, Haneda felt sad and depressed, so Yu used sex to help cheer him up again. But even so, Yu still sometimes lies about going on business trips to see Haneda. A year later, she decided to tell her husband the truth and give up everything to be with the person she loves...